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Looking for opportunities to promote your tournaments? Need a partner for managing & running your tournaments? Want to improve the player experiences at your events? Or do you want to bring your community together? Let us help you!


Let’s create great player experiences!

We’ve been running large scale tournaments for Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering), Konami Digital Entertainment (Yu-Gi-Oh!) for many years, and recently added The Pokémon Company and Force of Will to our clients.
Our experience all over Europe includes the logistic organization of events from 200 up to 4.000 players, the promotion of these events, managing the staff & player needs and creating a very attractive schedule of events during these tournaments.
As a professional tournament organizer, we keep an eye on the safety of both staff & visitors, and manage these events on an effective and efficient way.
All this in line with the identity of the game, and with a full focus on player experience.

We’ve partnered up with local hotels, restaurants, taxi companies, airline companies, etc. to extend the player experience outside of the tournament hall. We’ve set up a strong and consistent communication platform to reach out to players with practical details & fun facts, both on social media, newsletters and our website.
At these events, we’ve been delivering a high-end customer service, by creating a safe environment, strict procedures on lost & found, a dedicated info point and direct help messaging system, detailed FAQ, etc.

Want to bring your tournaments to a higher level?
Want to set up high-end or large-scale tournaments for your games?

Let’s make it happen!


Let’s promote your game!

With our online platform and dedicated Facebook, Twitter and direct mailing channels, we have a wide range of trading card gamers that want to stay informed about new trends, events and possibilities to play.
We can help you reach out to these communities, by creating advertisements, advertorials, mailings or a tailor-made social media campaign.

Want to promote your game or tournaments?

Let’s get in touch! 


Let’s bring your community together!

Maybe your game’s community is still expanding? Or maybe you are just starting to build your community? Maybe you are missing a place where your community can come together to share their passion about the game? With our communication campaign and website structure, we can easily reach out to those people, set up interactions and bring them together.

Let’s talk about it!