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Coverage - Red Bull Untapped Qualifier Brussels - July 7, 2019

Congratulations to Anton de Smet, who claimed the trophy and the $10,000 grand prize at the Red Bull Untapped event in Brussels! Playing Jund, the Belgian underdog overcame all opposition, defeating Ricardo Beja on U/W Control in the finals.

Hogaak BridgeVine had the most impressive showing overall, with three copies in the Top 8 and three more in the Top 16. Fittingly, Bridge from Below got banned literally the day after the event.

Below, you can find all the coverage content from our event in Brussels: links to the archived stream, top decklists, standings, and more!


Live stream (archive)

Rewatch all the action at!

Time stamps of interviews and special features are listed by Oliver Gehrmann here.


Pre-Event Information



  • All standings and pairings can be found here.


Modern metagame breakdown


Top 8 player profiles


Top Modern decklists



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