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Coverage - Red Bull Untapped Finals London - August 4, 2019

By Frank Karsten


Lino Burgold is your Red Bull Untapped champion!


The Red Bull Untapped tournament series culminated on Sunday August 4 at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. Eight players from seven different countries qualified either online or offline, and they battled it in Traditional Standard on MTG Arena to determine the winner and to divide the $60,000 prize pool.

The player who emerged victorious was Lino Burgold, playing Bant Scapeshift. He first defeated Ricardo Beja in the quarterfinals. He then managed to overcome reigning World Champion Javier Dominguez in a Bant Scapeshift mirror in the semifinals. And he finally defeated his friend and fellow German speaker Thomas Holzinger in the finals.

Bant Scapeshift was definitely the deck of the tournament. Three out of eight competitors submitted the deck, and it was the winner's choice as well. 
"Usually I try to fight the best deck and not play the best deck, but Teferi, Time Raveler is so good at fighting every hate card," Burgold said about his deck choice. "I tested mostly other decks and lost to Scapeshift no matter what I threw at it. So I decided to play Scapeshift."

It worked out perfectly for him, as he will now live on forever as the first ever Red Bull Untapped champion. "The event was very well organized, and it's great that Red Bull does this," Burgold said. "It was a pretty tough road, but the deck is just great, I think I played pretty well for most of the tournament, and it feels great to win!"

Even though he had found Magic tournament success before as the 2009 Rookie of the Year and as the Grand Prix Hanover 2009 champion, Burgold called this "the biggest win of my career so far. I hadn't won much the past few years, so this feels great."

Together with the trophy, Burgold will take home $20,000 and an invitation to Mythic Champion Richmond, where he will be the first featured Red Bull player in Magic: the Gathering history. "It's always a blast to be back at the Mythic Championship, so I'm looking forward to that as well," Burgold said with large smile on his face.

Congratulations again to Lino Burgold, your Red Bull Untapped champion!


Top 8 decklists:


Live stream (archive)

Rewatch all the action at!

We had an excellent team of casters: Reid Duke, Riley Knight, Raphaël Lévy, Merchant, and Tim Willoughby. Cosplayer Nissa Cosplay handed out the trophy to the winner.

Using the hashtag #RedBullUntapped, updates were posted on tournamentcenter's Twitter and Facebook


The Top 8 players and their final standing & prize (click their name or deck to learn more):

  1. Lino Burgold - Bant Scapeshift - $20,000
  2. Thomas Holzinger - Bant Ramp - $15,000
  3. Javier Dominguez - Bant Scapeshift - $10,000
  4. José Neves - Esper Hero - $5,000
  5. Ricardo Beja - W/B Vampires - $3,000
  6. Anton de Smet - Jund Dinosaurs - $3,000
  7. Alex Majlaton - Bant Scapeshift - $2,000
  8. Luca Simonato - Naya Feather - $2,000


To learn more, this article on the Wizards of the Coast website has additional information about the Top 8 players and the decks they used previously in the qualifying tournaments. Finally, this player profile video features our winner Lino Burgold.


Full Top 8 Bracket Results:

  • Quarterfinal 1: Javier Dominguez defeats Alex Majlaton 2-1
  • Quarterfinal 2: Lino Burgold defeats Ricardo Beja 2-1
  • Quarterfinal 3: José Neves defeats Luca Simonato 2-1
  • Quarterfinal 4: Thomas Holzinger defeats Anton de Smet 2-1
  • Semifinal 1: Lino Burgold defeats Javier Dominguez 2-1
  • Semifinal 2: Thomas Holzinger defeats José Neves 2-1
  • Finals: Lino Burgold defeats Thomas Holzinger 2-0


Full Lower Bracket Results:

  • Lower bracket Round 2: Ricardo Beja defeats Alex Majlaton 2-1
  • Lower bracket Round 2: Anton de Smet defeats Luca Simonato 2-0
  • Lower bracket Round 3: José Neves defeats Ricardo Beja 2-1
  • Lower bracket Round 3: Javier Dominguez defeats Anton de Smet 2-0
  • Lower bracket Round 4: Javier Dominguez defeats José Neves 2-1

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