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Tournamentcenter BVBA is a company, based in Erpe-Mere in Belgium, that found its origins in Dazzle Events, a business event organizing agency, started in 2009.

Since 2011, we’ve been organizing more than 50 Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix and 25 Yu-Gi-Oh! Events all over Europe. We’ve been deeply involved in the Magic community and always focussed on delivering a great player experience: before, during and after the tournament.

This continuous drive to improve our tournaments helped us to create a close relationship with the communities involved in these games: the player communities, judge communities and vendor communities.  All these parties have their own story and ideas and want to make the game communities better, each on their own way.

That’s where we decided to bring these communities together on our website and create services & products tailor-made for these target groups. 




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